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Read The Fine Print, Or At Least The AAA Rules

As attorneys, or business owners for that matter, we all are intimately familiar with every aspect of the AAA’s arbitration rules, right?  Well, based on a recent Court of Appeal decision from our very own Fourth District, we better be.  In Brinkley v. Monterey Financial Services, Inc., 242 Cal.App.4th 314, the plaintiff brought a class action […]

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Court of Appeal Voids Arbitration Clause, Holds That Concepcion Does Not Apply

In Sabia v. Orange County Metro Realty, Inc., et al., the Court of Appeal continues to unpack the United States Supreme Court’s seminal decision in 2011 of AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion, which held that class action waivers in consumer adhesion contracts were not unconscionable.  In this case, the Court of Appeal addresses Concepcion‘s impact […]

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