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Public Records Act Cannot Require Disclosure Of Public Agency’s Attorney Invoices For Open Cases; Supreme Court Waffles On Closed Cases

The Public Records Act (“PRA”) was passed to increase freedom of information by giving the public broad access to state and local agency records.  However, public agencies frequently hire attorneys to prosecute or defend actions on their behalf, leading to claims of attorney-client privilege when PRA requests are made.  The Supreme Court recently addressed the […]

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Court Of Appeal Chooses Not To Keep Up With The Times In Refusing To Extend Public Records Act To Private Email And Text Accounts

The assault on the Public Records Act (“PRA”) has garnered a lot of attention recently.  A previous post on this blog highlighted the legislature’s attempt to make compliance with the PRA voluntary, rather than mandatory as it currently is.  The swift outcry led to a hasty, and wise, retreat and the bill died as it should have.  […]

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Open Government Has Just Been Closed; California Legislature Passes New Law That Will Eliminate Compliance Requirements Of The Public Records Act

On June 14, 2013, the California Assembly passed AB76.  The bill has identical language to SB71 which was passed earlier by the State Senate, and now will be submitted to Governor Brown for his signature.  If Governor Brown signs the bill into law, it will eviscerate the open government protections of the Public Records Act […]

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